[PaPaPub] Early access version was release on steam! 30%FREE

Dear player,

The first game [PaPaPub] developed by R’lyeh Games released on the Steam platform, and enjoys a 30% discount during the early access!

As the game is still in developing, there are still many art work still making, and there are may bugs in the game.

We hope that players can submit it to us in the Steam community feedback or email or offcial web contact.

For successful submission of suggestions or bug questions, and we pick up, we will provide the DLC package key or the next product key as a rewards.

Thank you for your support, and please you can help us to leave your recommended message on steam. We will try not to disappoint any player.

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This is an “RPG+SIM+GALGAME”game
You are a retired adventurer.
To make a living,
You opened a small pub in this town.
Prepare food and drinks before opening.
Receive all kinds of adventurers.

Now,you will meet many kinds of beautiful girls
A dignified and graceful nun
A innocent and lovely Succubus
A wilful girl from decent family

Please do every thing you can to receive them
Use delicious food and drinks
Or some beautiful words
To make sure
These beautiful girls will “work” for you willingly ~~~


This is an “RPG+SIM+GALGAME”game .

In 60 days
You can collect materials in maze
And make props in alchemy.
You can earn a lot of gold
And expand the pub .
Add all kinds of new facilited.

Each type of prop will have different functions.
You can choose the props you need before you open the shop.
Each character has four plots and more than 10 exquisite CGs.
Depending on the number of heroine you have collected,there will be different ending.


More than 40 meticulous CG
There are 4 difffteren girls can be choise
There are shops\material\recrutmen system and other interesting ganmes in it.
The exciting story
Multiple endings you can choice.

【CG Preview】