Love Shoot will release on Steam

Hi guys,

There is a good news for you.

In the process of optimizing [PaPaPub], we made a little game [Love Shoot] in our free time.

We wish you will like it.

Steam address:

[Game Introduction]

A combination of Japanese AVG+ casual games + Galgame.

The player selects the female owner in order,
Answer the corresponding questionnaire to unlock the story.
Successfully play casual games,
Unlock the training mode.

Each item in the training mode has a different effect, and each item has a corresponding score.
Every female host has beautiful CG and dynamic interaction.

[Game Features]

4 characters are clear and can be Raiders
Beautiful CG and dynamic interaction
There are multiple games
Nearly 50,000 words of love and entanglement

The content of this game is pure fantasy.
All the characters in this game are over 18 years old.
Any name, group name, location, prop name, myth, world in this game is pure fantasy, and has no indication
about the ones in the real world. Only responsible and mature audience are allowed to play this game.
We don’t retain responsibility that may or may not resulted from this game.